Wherever you come, Dorgali and the fertile valley of Oddoene, home to the most important vineyards in the area, where they grow in the sun and away from the wind, the most important grapes that produce an excellent Cannonau, rather than Oliena from the picturesque Lanaithu Valley, cradle of karst systems such as Sa Oche, the Corbeddu Cave, the Water Cave and the even more incredible “Nurre de su Hoda” where in the summer solstice a ray of sun arrive inside to illuminate the immensity and beauty of this Cave. Tiscali still leaves you breathless.

Surrounded by mountains known by a few and respected by everyone, this hypogeum nuragic village, still being studied, is unique, built inside a sinkhole formed by the sinking of the roof of the homonymous mountain, original in all its characteristics, can only surprise its visitors.

Daily personal insurance included.

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