Trekking Canyon Gorroppu

Trekking Canyon Gorropu

Gorropu is one of the higher canyons in Europe. It clearly divides the Supramonte of Urzulei from that of Orgosolo. Crossed by the Rio Flumineddu that travels to the surface only for a small part of it, but that in the depths of the Earth has dug an intricate system of caves still little known.

It is assumed that in 20 square kilometers there is a network of cavities and siphons about 300 km long, until you reach the famous karst source of Su Gologone. Known to all hikers and climbers from all over the world. So it always manages to amaze for all its particularities visible or not.

It is inevitable to walk through this gorge looking upwards, the immensity of its walls make the idea of the respect that we must bring to Nature, which over time has created a place so wild and uncontaminated. There are three paths to the gorge. Depending on the preparation of our guests, we will choose the Experience that best suits their needs and physical preparation. Usually the tour is made from the month of March to June and from September to November, however if the guide will consider adequate weather conditions to be done safely, on request can be done in the remaining months,

Ticket of Gorroppu visit and Insurance included in the price.

For small private groups it is possible to book the Lunch from the Shepherd that despite the passage of time have not lost the taste and the particularities of the flavors of typical dishes.

Technical Notes (from Dorgali):
Km 13
Difference in altitude mt 750
Recommended for: Hikers
Technical Notes (from Passo Genna Silana)
Km 8,5
difference in altitude 1300 meters
Recommended for: Hikers

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