Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions


1 All terms and conditions must be read before booking. By booking a multi-day excursion or a daily excursion the participant accepts all these contractual conditions. The reservation is on-edged to the execution of the relative payment with consequent definition of the contract as a result of the written confirmation from part of Las Janas (hereafter called organizer) of acceptance of the booking.

2 At the time of booking, the amount specified in the respective Experience will be paid. These can be delete via email or mes-saggio whatsapp anticipated-ri. Any refund will be made according to the following criteria: – up to 5 days before departure the refund will be 100%; – up to 48 hours before the refund will be 50%, 24 hours before, but there will be no refund. However, in the last two cases the company reserves the right to reimburse 100% if the seats are re-booked by other customers in any waiting list. 

3 Each participant is fully responsible for his or her own state of health and for taking care of the necessary medicines related to previously known diseases. The physical state and training of the customer must be unpredictable condition given the effort you are subjected to during a Trekking Experience.

4. Exclusive Experiences may be agreed upon by direct contact with Las Janas, by e-mail or telephone, which will apply a personalised price according to the re-On request of the customers, these must be cancelled a maximum of 5 days before departure in order to be refunded at 100%.

5  If the participant does not show up at the appointed time, on the day and at the meeting place indicated by the organizer, any amount already paid will be deducted. Any other expenses agreed during the booking and anticipated by the organizer must be recognized and Rimbor-sate to the same. Participants must be present 30 minutes before departure at the point agreed with the Organizer. 

6. The participation fee and all costs are indicated in euro and only payments in euro are accepted. The participation fee includes the cost of the hiking guide and the organization of the excursion. Any additional charges outside of what is provided in the description will be borne by the customer. It is therefore recommended to take cash with you anyway. 

7. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the excursion when the minimum number of participants has not been reached and provided that this is brought to the attention of the participants in writing (email) at least 2 days before the planned date of the start of the excursion of several days; and 1 day before the planned date of the start of the excursion in the same day. The deposit and any amount already paid by the party will be returned within 10 working days of the cancellation

8. Pets are not allowed unless expressly agreed with the Organiser.

9. An excursion can be cancelled or modified at any time for reasons of force majeure, such as serious health problems or exceptional meteorological events, occurred hydrogeological, environmental (etc.) or in all cir-cum stancesrooms that the organizer cannot reasonably foresee or resolve. In this case, a full refund will be provided. The decision about the feasibility or otherwise of a trip is up to the organizer who is tenu to carry out the activity with prudence, diligence and expertise. The organizer will, if possible, propose an alternative. If the participant does not wish to accept the alternative, he or she will be entitled to a full refund or to another proposal for an equivalent amount, without surcharge, subject to availability. If the occurrence of force majeure occurs during the course of the excursion, the established path can be modified, lengthened or shortened and the organizer will evaluate from time to time the percentage refundable, All this always taking into account the safety of each of the participants. 

10. The excursion starts and ends in the day and at the place indicated by the organizer, will be tolerated delays of maximum 20 minutes for departure, beyond which the Hiking Guide or the Commander will have to leave and the customer will not be entitled to any refund. If the group arrives late, the hiking guide, in agreement with the organizer, will decide whether to leave or cancel. Any delays caused by the group will be taken from the total travel time, however, trying to meet the needs of those who have respected the time.

11. The participant declares that he takes part in the excursion at his own risk and under his own responsibility. The party will be deemed liable for any damage to persons or property which he has voluntarily or involuntarily caused and will have to take out insurance cover before the event. The organiser, his collaborators and the partners bear all responsibility for any harmful event caused by the participant. The participant – such as those entitled under him or her – waives the right to lodge a complaint as a result of the event. Any dispute with third parties must be resolved directly by the participant with the third parties.

12. Inappropriate behaviour that could be caused by the use of alcohol or drugs, gives the right to the Hiking Guide or Commander in agreement with the Organizer to interrupt or modify the excursion. On the other hand, those who are in a clearly altered psycho-physical state already at the time of departure, will be prevented from joining the excursion, for their own safety and that of the group and will not be entitled to any refund.

13. The participant must take care of his personal belongings as well as the ancillary equipment rented on request. The equipment of the participant can be checked at any time by the organizer given the importance of the safety of some routes. If the participant is found to have insufficient or inadequate equipment, the organizer may decide to exclude him from the excursion even at the time of the participation. There will be no repayment of the costs already incurred by the participant and the other party will be totally dependent on the participant. The organizer is also not responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate equipment of the participant.

14. It is forbidden to smoke inside the Jeep and on board the rubberboat. 

15. The participant is always responsible for the choice of the route in accordance with his state of health and his health. In the event of a clearly inadequate physical fitness, the organizer reserves the right at any time to exclude him from the excursion without the obligation to refund what has already been paid. The level of difficulty of the excursion is evident in the presentation of the Experience

16. Eligible participants are only adults over 18 years of age. Minors can participate only after the written consent of the organizer and only if accompanied by a legal responsibility. Las Janas is not liable for personal injury or damage of any nature, regardless of its cause, before, during or as a result of the Experience.

17. The Commander and the Hiking Guide always have the command and decision power regarding the safety feasibility of the Experience.

18. All participants authorize the organizer, and its successors, to use and disseminate the material (audio, video, photographic) made during the excursion without having anything to claim in terms of compensation or rights, unless expressly stated otherwise. They also state that they are informed that the publication may be made by multimedia means (internet, radio, television, CD-ROM) and/or editorial (advertising material, books, magazines).

19. Classification and difficulty of routes
T = Tourist
Itineraries on dirt roads, mule tracks or wide paths that do not require a specific training except the desire to walk. These are walks of less than 7 hours, including rest times and meals, at medium-low altitudes, with little difference in height.
E = Hiking
Itineraries on paths of all kinds, or on obvious traces of paths, which develop on varied terrain (pastures, stony stones, debris). They can cross steep slopes, where exposed sections are usually protected or insured. Duration longer than 4 hours and average gradients. They require a bit of awareness of their resistance in the alpine environment, appropriate footwear and equipment.
EE = Hiking for experts
Itineraries that imply a good mountain experience. You must be able to move on paths, or trail tracks, to mixed terrain, even at relatively high altitudes. There can be very steep, exposed or rocky sections with slight technical difficulties. They require proper equipment and equipment as well as good physical preparation and absence of vertigo.

20. The place of jurisdiction for any disputes and cases is Nuoro.