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Live your "experience" in contact with nature


 “Free man, you’ll always love the sea” C. Baudelaire“


The Gulf of Orosei is a favourite tourist destination. People come here from all over the world to see our crystal clear waters meet the lush green of the mountains overlooking the sea where beautiful, centuries-old junipers with varied shapes adorn the vegetation.

This is where the bravest rock-climbers come to climb these immense cliffs, old paths used by the heroic  “mountaineers“ shepherds. Now all these paths are used especially by intrepid hikers. You can visit the most beautiful beaches, such as Cala Biriala, Cala Sisine, Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and the amazing Venus Pool. Our Gulf is a maze of karst cavities, for this reason the speleologists all over the nations constantly explore miles of these caves. But for all the others, we propose the excursion to the “Grotta del Fico” dwelling in the past of the Monk Seal, which does not leave indifferent but surprises with all its concretions, internal ponds, in slow mutation due to the incessant dripping. The morning or day, depending on your choice, can end with a lunch or dinner by the sea, just book in advance your experience.



The mountains are silent masters and make silent disciples. (Johan Wolfgang von Goethe)

Whether you go by sea or by hiking trails you can decide whether to take half a day of your holiday, a full day or even two days.

We start from Orosei, the movements are made in off-road vehicles equipped with all the comforts you may want, particular not negligible when the destination is far.  

You can choose between different types of proposals, best suitables to your physical preparation, (especially never negligible in these cases), the time available or just to see places not yet explored in previous holidays. We travel the roads and paths of Baronia, the Supramonte of Oliena and Dorgali or the beautiful Ogliastra, destination of the best hikers. These may or may not include a gastronomic and wine journey, the choice is yours, but remember that culinary traditions can tell a lot about the culture of people.


Experiences and events

When your holidays are limited and you would like to do as much as possible with the limited time available, this is a good opportunity to combine a half day of trekking and one of the many events in Sardinia throughout the year.

Do you want to enjoy the whole day without having to worry about fatigue following the Experience or having tasted the wine products of the area? Stay tuned, we will update the events from time to time based on the calendars of the various festivals planned in Baronia, Barbagia, Ogliastra and Gallura.