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In the age of digital and thus speed, Las Janas has made a choice, which some may see as a disadvantage, but which is based on one of the fundamentals of this business. What we offer are Experiences and as such, they must adhere to certain non-negotiable criteria. The uniqueness of the Tour that one chooses and the ability of the individual to undertake it, respecting their own abilities and the Group with which they will share this Experience. We need to speak individually with each one of you to advise and provide precise guidance on the various paths and to fully enjoy the excursion, so that it becomes one of those exclusive memories to carry and keep forever. This is the reason our groups are never excessively large, but the principle “quality over quantity” applies, to feel unique in fully experiencing a day immersed in Nature, to which we should never cease to show respect and gratitude for its infinite Magnificence.

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