FAQ – Questions and Answers

1. Is there a rule to be read and respected before booking?
A special section on our site will explain ter-mini and conditions to re-belong both parties, ac-conquering an Experience you accept the above Terms.

2. Do I need to book in advance?
It is of fundamental importance to take action with time to organize any kind of excursion to the best, whether on land or at sea.

3. How long before you need to book?
Places on board the Raft or off-road are limited. They are “Experiences”, so the group is always small. If you want to book an exclusive excursion the booking time is even longer, this does not take away the possibility of a few last minute. For this reason it is always good to contact us by email or by phone.

4. Is it possible to book an exclusive excursion for your group of friends or family?
Exclusive Experiences must be booked earlier than combined. In the last two years, I’ve been experiencing the pandemic problem, this formula is preferred by most people.

5. Is it necessary to use the mask during excursions?
The 4WD journey must be done with the mask, but in the moments when the excursion takes place outdoors you can stay without, obviously respecting the rules laid down by the Ministry of Health.

6. Is it possible to cancel an excursion?
The combined experiences have a minimum number of participants, for this reason it is essential to respect terms and conditions that are accepted during the start-up in order to avoid creating discomfort to the company, its employees and other customers.

7. How soon can I cancel?
A week before departure the refund will be 100%. Up to 48 hours before the refund will be 50%, 24 hours before there will be no Rimbor-so. However, in the last two cases the company reserves the right to refund 100% if the seats are rebooked by other customers on the waiting list.

8. Are payments made in advance?
At the time of booking will be paid a deposit, highlighted on each individual Experience, with the modalities preferred by the customer: Paypal, Bank transfer, Credit Card and ATM at our headquarters, However, the Lunch/Dinner Experiences included should be paid in cash.

9. Is it possible to pay via POS in your office?
Certainly, in the event of a network malfunction, two banks are located a few steps from our office to be able to withdraw.

10. Is a specific outfit necessary?
The clothing must always be appropriate to the type of experience that you decide to do, the season and the weather forecast for that date.

11. What should I bring for the Experience that involves the day or half a day at sea?
Beachwear, Quin-swimsuit, slippers not with heel, towel, umbrella especially in the warmer season ( the beaches are located near the cliff, so little ventilated), capellino or scarf to repair the head (especially for children and elderly)water (at least 1 litre or one and a half litres per person), lunch (for those who choose the whole day option). The food must be consonant to a day in the sea, therefore not eat excessively but to make frequent snacks. For those who want to bring the necessary for snorkeling. Fishing is forbidden in the Gulf, so the use of fishing rods or underwater rifles is not allowed.

12. What should I bring for the Trekking Experience?
ESSENTIAL the trekking boot, prefer technical clothing, waterproof jacket or cape, large backpack, 2 liters of water, packed lunch if not included in the excursion, Energy bars and mineral salts the latter especially with the hottest season. If lunch or dinner is planned after the excursion, a snack will be enough, but everyone knows their needs and will know the amount of food to take. Try to limit the weight on your shoulders, eliminating unnecessary accessories but provide a pair of socks and a spare shirt.

13. What should I bring for the Two-Day Trekking Experience?
ESSENTIAL the trekking boot whatever the duration of the excursion, preferably clothing tecni-co, waterproof jacket or cape, Backpack capacious, 2 liters of water, energy bars and mineral salts these ul-timi especially with the hottest season. Tent, watertight bag, these two if not in possession can be read at our office at the time of departure or better still on the day before, prior reservation; sac-co sleeping, necessary for personal hygiene. The luggage must be properly divided into two types, those necessary only for the bivouac and the others necessary for the modification, in order to try to limit the weight on the shoulders, eliminating the super-fluo. On some excursions it will be possible to take a shower, then a towel for the beach in case the temperatures allow it, and one for the shower, powerbank for phone and other electronic devices.

14. What should I put in the bivouac bag?
Medicinal products which are known to be needed according to their state of health, our guides are not authorized to administer any kind of medicinal product. Necessary for personal hygiene: wet wipes, toothbrush and travel toothpaste, Bio soap to avoid excessive environmental impact, towel (1 or 2), camping tent, sleeping bag, clothing of re-change, torch face.

15. Is it possible to rent a tent?

16. Is it possible to rent a sleeping bag?

17. Is it possible to rent a watertight bag for the transport of bivouac equipment?

18. Should I bring medicine?
Note those that are already being taken and some emergency, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory medicines.

19. Is dinner, drinks and lunch on the following day scheduled for the two days of trekking?
Yes these services are included in the price, it must be specified at the time of booking.

20. Can Experiences be cancelled due to weather conditions?
All our Experiences take place outdoors, so they are strongly influenced by the weather, they can be canceled so at any time or they can even take place partially if the situation worsens during the day. Any refunds are specified in the Terms and Conditions.